Azure [azh-er]: from the Oxford Dictionary (adjective) (1)“bright blue in colour like a cloudless sky” (noun) literary (1.1)“the clear sky” (example) “it is the same souls that quiver, the same passions that ferments, the same vices that grow,
the same straining toward the azure.”
Call to Artists
Main Lounge
The space is approximately 11’ square with two white textured walls on either side and can be viewed from the gallery front window.  Applicants are encouraged to view the gallery space before applying so they can better describe how they envision an installation. 
To apply email 10 images, an artist statement and ideas for the installation to Detail images are allowed as part of the 10 images, but please limit the details so as to show a good selection of the body of work you would like to display, or a similar representation thereof.  A sketch or two of the installation can also be included as additional images to describe your concept.
Bird Cage Series
Housed within the gallery is a large bird cage for small works, jewelry or single vision ideas that accentuates the idea of “kept treasures”. Share with us your ideas and let’s capture them in our cage. 
To apply email 3-10 images and an artist statement to Details and sketches are allowed as part of the 10 images.  Please include enough images to give a good selection of your body of work, concept or idea. 
Information on Exhibiting
Exhibits are installed the weekend prior to the opening on the third Thursday of each month and all artists are encouraged to be at the opening to meet the audience and talk about or even demo their work.  Feel free to also include preferred months if there are times you will not be available or it will take time for the work to be completed.  If chosen, when possible, timing preferences will be accommodated.