Azure [azh-er]: from the Oxford Dictionary (adjective) (1)“bright blue in colour like a cloudless sky” (noun) literary (1.1)“the clear sky” (example) “it is the same souls that quiver, the same passions that ferments, the same vices that grow,
the same straining toward the azure.”
Unique Gallery
Current Exhibit
Azure Fine Art Gallery is a unique gallery inviting the audience to come in and interact with the space.  With a couch and a library of eclectic art books, the viewer is given the opportunity to relax and experience the art.  The intimate space allows the artist to create an environment to draw you in and enjoy the work as the artist intends.
Main Gallery: Primitive Futurism
 Connections to animism, wonder of nature and a search for meaning and spirituality are expressed in Christopher 'Adams' symmetrical-assumed-future.

Spheres and Sketches by Jeremy Smith

Side Gallery:
Susan Stogsdill's fantastical handmade books
Explore the potential of emerging and established artists completing, designing and installing a full body of work.  Provide a location for artists to flourish and the community to engage with art and artists.  Bring artists together to explore and expand their creative process.